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Self-centered and Necessary
How to Apologize
How to Build Relationships When You Don’t Trust
Nobody is Normal, So Just Be Yourself
When Pain is the Familiar
How to Get Unstuck
Which Meditation is Right for You?
How to Get Off the Relationship Roller Coaster
The Write to Heal
How to Re-parent Your Inner Child
How to Capture the Wellness of Intimacy

The Book

A guidebook to wellness and empowerment. 

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The Podcast

A monthly podcast to go deeper into the topics with Dr. Bakari.

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The Expert

Dr. Rosenna Bakari expert guidance helps millions.  

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Let's go, let' grow!


Hi, I'm Rosenna. I've been supporting individuals on their healing journey for a long time. Now, I want you and your friends, businesses, or organizations, to join us.


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The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Guide.   

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No More Isolation Blues

The healing challenge is a great way to meet like-minded people who value value you as much as you value them. You will kick off the year with accountability. 

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No More Hiding Instead of Healing

No one is playing the role of therapist, but you will find people who will listen. You won't have to show up perfect; you just have to show up.

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No More torture from Your Past

You can explore your past by looking at it in the present surrounded by love and support. No wound is too old or ugly to heal. 

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What can you expect from participating in the "Healing Challenge 2022?

Expect improved relationships with those around you and less self-judgment.

Strengthen Resilience

You'll handle the future more effectively than you did the past.

Develop good self-soothing habits

You'll take better risk when you know how to take better care of you.

Attract high-quality people in your life

Healthier people will come into your life because there will be room for them. 

Membership means Professional Guidance

Enjoy the year-long professional guidance of Dr. Rosenna Bakari. She's the empowerment expert with a proven track record that others have followed for more than a decade!  

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"I value my healing too much not to do it."


"I get to practice using my voice!"


"This is the most fun personal development can get."


"Dr. Bakari's work is too powerful to miss out on this."

Brianna and Austin

"It's just one more way to love each other. 


"Finally a challenge that makes sense to me."

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